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What is Hoodia Gordonii?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last 20 years, you most probably are familiar with Hoodia Gordonii. This South African cactus-like plant was proven to contain great appetite suppressing properties.

It is believed that even members of the San tribe from Kalahari Desert used Hoodia when they went on hunting trips for several days in order to suppress their appetites.

Scientists came up with the idea to isolate the main ingredient of Hoodia Gordonii (p57) and put it inside a pill so that everyday people can take these pills in order to lose weight. Hence, we now have literally dozens of various Hoodia diet pills. One of them is Unique Hoodia.

Unique Hoodia

On the market of appetite suppressants UniqueHoodia proudly sits at the top of the list. This Hoodia Gordonii based diet pill is really one of a kind, especially when you take into account that most of Hoodia diet pills are actually fakes.

By providing you with 1,485mg of Hoodia Gordonii per day, this is definitely the highest amount of Hoodia Gordonii we have seen in any pill.

Main benefits of UniqueHoodia

  • Reduces appetite, eliminates food cravings
  • 495mg of Hoodia Gordonii per pill
  • Real & genuine Hoodia Gordonii powder inside (not an extract!)
  • Contains Bioperine for 30% improved absorption
  • Has all the required certificates
  • Blister packaging – shown to be better than standard bottles
  • 6 months money back guarantee
  • No side effects expected

Unique Hoodia official site is here

How UniqueHoodia works

When you swallow 1 tablet of Unique Hoodia, once digested by your system it will start sending signals to your brain that you are full and don’t need to eat anymore. The main ingredient of Hoodia Gordonii is called “Molecule p57” and basically it is the part main responsible for appetite suppressing qualities of Hoodia Gordonii. This molecule p57 is the difference between Hoodia Gordonii and other species of Hoodia genus.

Is UniqueHoodia scam?

Definitely not a scam. The Hoodia Gordonii found inside this supplement is real and genuine Hoodia Gordonii powder (not an extract like in many pills). Unlike many competitors that offer you “1,000 mg of Hoodia per pill”, Unique Hoodia doesn’t make outrageous and unbelievable claims.

Also make sure to know the distinction between just “Hoodia” and “Hoodia Gordonii”. Many manufacturers will tell you that their product contains “real Hoodia” inside. While technically they could be telling the truth, keep in mind that only Hoodia Gordonii contains appetite suppressing properties. Other 12 species of Hoodia do not have appetite suppressing qualities and can’t help you lose weight.

Unique Hoodia certificates

Unlike many “manufacturers” who don’t have certificates for importing Hoodia Gordonii or they try to falsify certifications, Unique Hoodia is different; on the official website they show you all 3 certificates: Certificate of Analysis, CITES and Organics Annex Certificate. Here’s what each one of those mean:

  • Certificate of Analysis – Proves that a supplement contains 100% real and genuine Hoodia Gordonii and not something else
  • CITES – This one proves to you that the Hoodia used is really coming from the real and authentic farm in South Africa. There is no middle man here; this is the real deal.
  • Annex Certificate – Proves that you are getting authentic and fresh Hoodia Gordonii approved by USDA.

Where to buy Unique Hoodia in Canada?

Unique Hoodia is available for purchase in Canada only via the official Unique Hoodia website and nowhere else. Currently it is not stocked in the usual street stores.

Also, keep in mind that manufacturers have very strict policy about buying UniqueHoodia from Amazon, eBay, GNC and similar places. You really shouldn’t buy UniqueHoodia from any of those places, because you risk of not getting the real thing and you also risk of not getting money back guarantee (which is 6 months long if you buy Unique Hoodia via official site). All major credit cards are accepted and preferred.

Buy Unique Hoodia right now: $54.95 for 1-month pack

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